ChillMist Water Bottle
ChillMist Water Bottle
ChillMist Water Bottle
ChillMist Water Bottle
ChillMist Water Bottle

ChillMist Water Bottle

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Stay cool and refreshed all summer with our innovative ChillMist Water Bottle. Beat the heat with its built-in water spraying function, providing a refreshing mist to keep you feeling revitalized on-the-go.


  • INSTANT MIST COOLING: The ChillMist Water Bottle provides immediate relief from heat with its quick misting function, keeping you refreshed on hot days.
  • EXTENDED COOLING: Enjoy long-lasting coolness as the double-walled insulation maintains the cold temperature of your beverages for hours.

  • EASY PUMP OPERATION: Stay effortlessly cool with the user-friendly pump, enabling convenient misting whenever you need it.
  • LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: The ChillMist Water Bottle's leak-proof construction ensures no spills or wastage, making it the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.


Capacity: 700ml


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