Homezo™ Laptop Side Phone Holder
Homezo™ Laptop Side Phone Holder
Homezo™ Laptop Side Phone Holder

Homezo™ Laptop Side Phone Holder

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Are you tired of exhausting yourself by repeatedly picking up your phone when using laptop?
You can expand your screen with our Homezo™ Laptop Side Phone Holder, providing you with double interactive screens to increase your office productivity.


  • Increase Work Efficiency: Multi-task & quickly get your job done by using both of your laptop & phone screens. Also, it can intricately shafted to adjust at different angles.

  • LIGHT AND PORTABLESlim & sleek! It is custom with the appropriate size to cause no hindrances when stored inside a laptop bag or case.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL CELLPHONESWhether you're an android or apple user, it will securely hold any 4-8" gadgets.

  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made of Rigid Sturdy Aluminum Alloy, which is durable, corrosion-resistant and will not rust nor break, saving you money from frequently buying new ones.


  1. Remove the adhesive protection on the metal bracket & stick it on the back of your laptop or iPad
  2. Grab one of its two inclusive ferrite magnet stickers & adhere it to the back of your cell phone. (Keep the extra magnet for your other phone or tablet!)
  3. Now, it will automatically be attached once placed near the aluminum bracket holder.


  • Suit for any 4-8" phones


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